Friday, 2 January 2015

Repeal the 8th Ammendment

All of the case raised so many questions as to how to best judge the situation. There are so many twists and turns that its impossible for anyone to judge what should happen, the old adage doctors differ and patients die here could be replaced with the mantra that legal teams differ and patients die such is the intensity of the legal wrangling that goes back and forth. Legally there are two problems at hand with these judgements - time and a problem with the law, human rights law especially being extremeley abstract. During the time this case was being heard, the womans life machine was left on resulting in massive infections and organs failing on an extreme level, notwithstanding the details reported in the media which I'll refrain from mentioning. As for the law being abstract, all of it is so open ended from the interpretation of the Protection of Life during Pregnancy Act 2013 to the human rights law on the topic, nothing is clear on the topic giving doctors and those within the medical profession more and more confusion delaying matters.
HSE guidelines must also be ammended to clarify positions when and how a termination can be carried out to lesser the burden on doctors. A doctors job is to treat patients, it is not to argue philosophically over aiding a foetus when the mothers life takes precedence, any other faulty position stems from the catholic ethos the medical profession has been unduly placed under.
Women suffer unfairly under the 8th Ammendment, this law places equality on the life of a foetus, a group of cells that has not attained any degree of personhood on parity with that of an adult woman, most of whom can think for themselves, fully autonomous human beings. Numerous falsehoods are contained within that eight ammendment as well, creating this weird boundary where were a foetus to poison a woman and dehabilitate her nothing is to be done but if it kills the mother then it can be. The falsehood is in the interprtation that is taken by the conservative element of Ireland still in existence. Ireland only brought in the Protection of Life during Pregnancy Act 2013 when A,B,C vs Ireland was referred to Ireland and this forced Irelands hand. Nothing to be proud of.
#Repealthe8th and stop the impasse..

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