Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Dating Scene!

Ha thought might give this a light note seen as Im back on the dating scene.

Been single for three weeks now (I move quickly and no Im not on the rebound) but got interested in the new dating apps! One caught my eye called growlr...

Do you know how hard it is just to meet someone for a beer! So far they are all either

-Striaght and married
-Have some fetish
-Are just too camp for my liking
-Chasing their cuir isteach! (I dont mind the latter but they need to be more upfront!)

I was asked by one lad to send a picture of me wearing a watch (and just a watch!!) and another wearing farming gear!!!

LOL!!! So much for meeting an average lad for a pint , chat and whatever .....!!!

Monday, 25 February 2013

Ryan Dolan Wins Eurosong...

Ryan Dolan was a deserved winner in what was a poor field. A lot of the songs sounded off key but this can be attributed to the poxy accoustics they use on the Late Late Show. Ryan is from Strabane in Northern Ireland and will perform "Only Love Survives" in the Eurovision in Malmo in May. The song is reminiscent of what Sweden won with last year,'Euphoria' tore up dance floors all over Europe and firmly became a favourite on many a playlist I had and friends had. The competition in Eurovision is very weak this year, Ireland I feel has to avoid Germany in the final and needs to get a good vocal performance. I would have dropped the backing singers, they dont add much to the song as Ryans voice soars amazingly high. This is definitely going to finish in the top ten, can feel it in my bones. Its also become one tune that just really puts me in a good mood!

Ryan For Eurovision!