Saturday, 21 January 2012

Asian Cooking

Been really getting into Asian Cooking lately. If anyone wants recipes for Satay, Red Thai Curry or Penang let me know. Also I so a sexual spaghetti bolognese and as for my carbonara! Well my Spanish housemate creates the most wonderful carbonara in the world!

The Irish Psyche at the moment...

My finger tips just wanted me to write this piece at this moment in time, so Im satisfying that urge. Various things have struck me over the last few months about the mental well being of our nation, its soul, its spirit. Captain Con's recent thread on Irish forum on the Irish mindset ( provides a useful tool to how we Irish think but what about this current moment in time? With Croke Park coming to and end and a second bailout possibly needed, the whole psychology of Irish people is going to change. 

We are, for a lot us, Celtic cubs, we became accustomed to a certain way of life and now we find we don't have the material possessions around us we find ourselves becoming more and more dissatisfied as we do not know any other way to live our life . Material objects that once satisfied a craving are now replaced by despondent people looking for their next hit much like a junkie should he crave his heroin. The flash cars have gone back and the four bedroomed houses have gone back to the banks and people are left with nothing which marks them out as being what they were, rich, middle class and "look what I have and what you cannot afford". Second houses, holidays to the US for two weeks and the Beamer are all in the past now but those cravings still remain.

It pains me to bang on and on about the apathy that people have. They have literally being raped by the banks for everything that they own while the rich upper class dance away in their ivory towers in tax free havens. People though lack any sort of passion that once made Ireland what it was . The money that was their drug having been whipped from underneath them as it was about to put the barmans college or up their nose instead is now being handed back to Merkel. They stay in their little two bedroom matchboxes on some half finished pyrite infested estate on a suburb far flung from Dublin getting upset , not because they are broke, not because they were victims of being raped by the rich but because they did not see their favourite singer get through X Factor. Apathy descends on these households, Troika to them is some new holiday destination in Spain for all they care.

Imagine being in a box, with steel doors that wont open and a feeling of general anxiety that surrounds you. You have limited oxygen, food and other things at your disposal , what do you do? You suffer anxiety, clawing and scaping at the door. Its more or less akin to being buried alive. This is what a lot of young families are suffering after watching their father or mother lose the jobs , the homes , the cuts in welfare. A feeling of hoplessness drifts in to people, they see no way out excpet a six foot wooden shiny box that slowly descends into the cold ground of an island they once loved.

The sheer frustration felt by people coupled with the above just makes us more and more tired, downtrodden as a nation. We feel frustrated by our lack of opportunity. 

All is not lost though, just as pandora's box was said to contain all the evil and fears of the world , the Greek gods knowing man was curious put one thing in it, hope. It would act as a defence against all the bad qualities humanity would inflict on one and other . That is what it is important for people to understand, we have a hope of sorts. Admist all the squabbling, the finances, the banks , the despair. We have one thing....each other. Lets not forget that we need to keep hope, for the Irish psyche has taken quite a battering but lets not lose our faith in one and other.....

Monday, 16 January 2012

Martin Cahills Niece and her fascist links....

For those who dont know who Martin Cahill was...

While reading up on the links to fascism here in Ireland in the Sunday World, a name popped up at me of a woman named Victoria Cahill. Victoria is the niece of the slain crimeland boss Martin Cahill and is quite active in fascism to varying degrees. She started out in a crap white power band called Celtic Dawn and played a packed gig of about ten people (lol)! Apparently she is well known on the usual array of nazi/fascist sites (Stormfront et al) clocking up posts in excess of thousands where among the various activities she does, she tries to recruit for Women for Arayan Unity and looks to solicit $25 a month from potential supporters , she has had her paypal account shut down a number of times. But the following is a hilarious tale which I think is worth recounting!

She was a fan of the white nationalist David Lane whom died of cancer around 2007. Having discovered that they way they wanted to bury him was too expensive, they sent him in 14 urns around the world but get a load of this. Apparently some members of combat 18 nicked the urns and this sparked off a war of words between Vicky and Combat 18

Surprised she has not been deported from the US.

More info from the following websites.


Friday, 6 January 2012

Mental Health :s

Had a need to go the the health nurse yesterday myself. For the last few months I have been suffering from anxiety that has gradually gotten worse and I cant pin point the trigger. Im not depressed or anything similar but its affecting me in terms of sleep patterns, giving me headaches and Im finding myself going on auto pilot. Normally Im a chirpy lad, love banter and engaging in conversation but last few weeks Im feeling lethargic and just losing interest in a lot of things. Its little things that are worrying me, eg last week the washing machine tripped the trip switch and I nearly went into meltdown. To cut a long story short Im going to see a counsellor before this gets worse.

Justice for Gary Critchley

Posted this on politicalworld a while back, want to remind you all...

A friend of mine in Birmingham brought this to my attention. It concerns the case of a man called Gary Critchley , a young man whom was convicted on what was very much circumstantial evidence. As a young man he was a committed socialist and was kicked out of school for organising a mass walk out of students whom were seeking better rights. Over the years he dabbled in drugs but it is what happened to him one night that alarms me. He was found with bludgeon marks from a hammer and a broken back in a squat or outside a squat in London while another man upstairs had been attacked thirty times with a hammer. To make a long story short Gary Critchley was convicted of the murder even though there was none of the victims blood on both his person and on his clothing and the evidence used to convict him was circumstantial to say the least as they bolloxed up the forensics (apologies for the language but this is something I feel strongly about). A parole hearing has rejected his appeal in 1982 and a judge recommended he serve 7 to 8 years. 30 years on this man is still in jail "at her majesties pleasure" . This is one of the victims of society that has fallen through the cracks. Would ask people if they could share this with friends or make it known to others.

Irelands Newest Right Wing Party - falls flat on its face !

Much hilarity ensued when Michael Quinn, father of eight and leader of Irelands (lol) newest right wing party was ousted from his position of the leadership of the anti immigrationist Democratic Rights Movement . John Kavanagh suddendly announced on Quinns usual rant against the "invasion of Ireland" that he was taking over the mantle but Michael was welcome to come back at the helm. Lets not beat around the bush, both Kavanagh and Quinn made a laughing stock of themselves and again proved why the right wing in Ireland is hilariously inept. Riddled with infighting and playing the race card only attracts the sort of scum you do not want. Lads, give up politics and stick to drawing the dole . Was delighted to see them ,ahem, "give up their protest " at the British embassy .Fuck it Im being too nice.

Your party was a load of old bollocks lads, fuck off back to Limerick and never darken the doors of Irish politics again. Your policies are utter scummery. There is a reason Im a socialist. So I can tell people like yourselves, you are not fuckin wanted ....

More info here !